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The ReMinder App

part of rewards program, the ReMinder app provides opportunities for a user to be a smart and environmentally friendly consumer while earning incentives points and discounts toward future purchases.
The ReMinder app guides a user how to reduce, reuse and recycle products a user have purchased at a store much like the Safeway and Target's rewards programs. Through membership program, purchased items will be automatically populated in the current product list for a user to learn most effective ways to reduce, reuse and recycle them.  

– Smart Recycle Icon: indicates which products can or can't be recycled
– How to recycle purchased products that are on the queue list
– Keep track of purchased items to recycle
– Earn recycling incentive & discount points
– Track materials usage: by time of the day, week and month
– Tips & resources on how to reduce through product suggestions
– Tips & resources on how to reuse products through pinterest DIY projects

– Locate nearby recycling facilities
– Set a recycling schedule & reminder
– Connect and share with friends through social network

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How to recycle
product by type of materials

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How design can have a positive influence on the overall awareness that would reshape the future of reduce, reuse and recycle practices?

The ReMinder initiative, facilitates opportunities for users to be smart and environmentally friendly consumers by using these three tools:

1. ReMinder app
2. ReMinder device
3. Recycling bins

1. ReMinder app:
Users will be reminded how to reduce, reuse and recycle products they have purchased while earning incentives points and discounts towards future purchases. Through membership program, purchased products will be automatically populated in the current product list.

2. ReMinder device:
Users can set a schedule for the ReMinder device to remind users when it is time to recycle.
• Syncs with a smart phone
• Set reminder time & date for recycling
• Remind a user when it's time to recycle
• Set noticification colors

3. Recycling bins:
ReMinder app will assist users with correct recycling information to recycle used product materials into correct bins. And then, users can deposit them into a store for rewards and incentive points toward next purchases.
• Paper | Plastic | Metal | Glass

• Folds flat for easy storage & portability

ReMinder app

Here are samples of how an user can recycle, view progress and add new items. Click a link below to tryout the app online or type it in your mobile browser.
Case sensitive.

Recycling Archer Farms container into two separate bins to earn rewards.

+ Recycling progress
+ Items to recycle
+ Recycled vs. raw material
+ Progress by materials

Scan a product into product list and then recycle to earn reward points